One night stand: guide to “hot” nights

One night stand: guide to “hot” nights

Summer is the time when clothes and suspensions are reduced and ideal conditions are offered for hot one night stand. Escorts present the guide that will prepare you for such nights!

Certainly summer is ideal for fast and sex-free sex, because whatever you do, it is all about pulling on pantihose, pants and shoelaces on the flip side of the moment, or else getting rid of pants and a pair of jaws. In other words, if you are not one of those who have done one night stand systematically, if it is to meet you once, it will be summer.

And because if you are good enough to do it right – or if you want to be good, you know how to pursue it – we have prepared a worry-free guide for (about) rookies. The philosophical analyses are said to be left for the winter.

1. Where to get one night stand

And while the spontaneous response seems to be ‘everywhere’, from the beach party to the ballet school – no, we’re not kidding, we heard that – the truth is that the end of a toss round in the normally miserable toilets of a beach bar is rather rare – but of course this doesn’t make it unlikely. If you are indeed at the beach bar – or at any bar – and your idea is out of the mind, along with that round of shots, it is best to suggest a beach walk “to get wind because you were stunned to stay” both of you because music is not a fight. ”

According to another study, the overwhelming majority of women are much more likely to make a one night stand with one of the broader circle of friends… her cousin’s girlfriend… and see her for the first time in her life, rather than with the charming stranger taking shots at the bar, for which she doesn’t even have the illusion of a guarantee that she’s not the psychotic she is given by the first case. So, the hangout of the (wider) group, a beach party, mass outings for a birthday drink, or a party in general, are more appropriate areas of action than the new bar you hear that is gathering ‘nice people’.

It goes without saying that factors such as alcohol, stars, moonlight – and only that -, sea breeze at night help, albeit not decisively. Only the disposition on both sides is necessary. The rest just create an atmosphere – and only if you want it, otherwise there’s no need. And as we mentioned alcohol, it can be stressed that in moderate amounts it can bring about the desired results, but in large quantities it can bring total destruction, so be careful.

2. How to get one night stand

According to… expert Athens call girls of sex: The Uninhibited Guide to Erotic Pleasure” a woman will be tempted to take a one night stand more easily if she doesn’t look intentional – and even more so if you don’t give her the impression that you do it every night, but how she inspired this passion that you can’t control. Something similar, but to a lesser extent, applies to men, who usually get the message that there is (always sexual) interest, and will find it difficult to analyse further.

3. Where are you going?

Your home, his or her home or somewhere else… This last case is probably the best. Men will often hear the advice ‘on her own’ because it is cleaner so that your dirty socks on the floor and empty pizza boxes on the sofa will not ruin the atmosphere, so you can easily leave if any inconvenient situation arises, like wanting to eat breakfast in bed.

Women, again, often hear the opposite, at home, lest they know where you are in the event that it turns out to be psychotic and watch you, so as not to spoil the image of the femme fatale that you so diligently build all night long teddy bears and photos of your ex, and – you guessed it – so you can easily leave in the event of any inconvenient situation, such as wanting to eat breakfast in bed.

Neutral ground – relatively hidden beach, car, hotel… – not only facilitates… holiday breaks, but also doesn’t spoil the thing with discussions and type thoughts on which of the two homes will we go to bedding or not? And what will we say in the car until we get there? It also protects against subsequent unpleasant situations that include torrential post-night confessions, suspicious cars with dimmed lights in the corner of your home, and other such, but not unheard of.

4. What to do

Well, you know that. The point is how to do it – besides “with the necessary precautions” that (we should hope) we do not need to stress. Another… expert Matt Griffin of Ask Men says (to men) to forget about Hugh Grant for a while and enjoy one of the few times that your partner doesn’t see sex as a manifestation of love, but as… natural activity.

This gives you a lot more freedom of movement. Okay, if you don’t like something you’ll stop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it. It also frees you of the “how to get it?” Worries. She’s not going to take it any more, because she doesn’t care what image you’ve made or are going to make for her.

That is precisely why this freedom of movement also applies to women. And that is exactly what should be the main reason for one night stand.

5. What happens next

That’s exactly what you want it to be. The “convention” that wants one night stand to be forgotten the next morning frees you from anything typical. You would feel compelled to do in the event of a new acquaintance. Ask for a phone, get the next day, seek an “appointment“, ask for a name…

On the other hand, nobody and nothing prevents you from doing all this if and when you want it to. From the moment you both want it, you can categorize your casual sex as “dating” and continue to belong to 50% of Greeks who say they have never made a one night stand, without necessarily adding “because we came back afterwards”.

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